Executive Board


Dimitris Lolitsas

Contact: president@unsoc-auth.org

Born and raised in Athens, Dimitris is a fourth-year law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. From the very first semester, he fell head over heels in love with international law (much to the dismay of his friends who preferred him when he used to talk about movies and video games), while diplomacy, international relations, and European affairs are all topics he greatly enjoys exploring when given the chance.

Co-founding and being a part of UNSOC - AUTh’s team for the past year has been a life-changing event for Dimitris, with all its challenges and difficulties. From learning how to run a student organization and acquiring a whole new set of useful skills, to greatly expanding his network and making a lot of new friends, Dimitris could hardly begin to list all the experiences he gained through his involvement with UNSOC - AUTh and the world of Model United Nations in general.

Having the great honor of serving as President of UNSOC - AUTh for this academic year, Dimitris aims to see the Society grow and flourish even further, becoming a regular part of life in our university. Through the various academic activities, MUN conferences, specialized workshops, and social events UNSOC - AUTh organizes or participates in, Dimitris hopes to help young people discover the exciting world of international affairs and the United Nations.


Nikolas Tsironis

Contact: vice-president@unsoc-auth.org

Nikolas is a fourth-year student at the Law School of AUTh, with a specific interest for Public Law and Human Rights. His passion for MUN brought him in the place of the Vice - President for another year, aiming for the further promotion of the Model United Nations and the activity of UNSOC - AUTh.

Being both multitasking and anxious, Nikolas is keen on foreign languages, culture, and traveling. He believes that MUN is a useful tool for the academic life of a student as he thinks that: “MUN is a chance for young people to express themselves and acknowledge how diplomacy works in real life”.

His guilty pleasures are : coffee and sweets!


Paschalis Ioannidis

Contact: secretary-general@unsoc-auth.org

Paschalis Ioannidis was born and raised in Thessaloniki, and he is currently in the fourth year of his studies in Law AUTh. As his passion for diplomacy and international law have got the better of him since his first days in University, his involvement with MUN was inevitable.

After his first year on the board of UNSOC, Paschalis resumes his course in this unique experience and provides his aid, so that this initiative made by students for students grows and flourishes. From the position of the Secretary-General, Paschalis will see, alongside the rest of the board members, that UNSOC’s vast range of activities is increased and enhanced. At the same time, and while our organization expands and embraces Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in its entirety, Paschalis looks forward to the formation of a new, large team of active MUNers from all Faculties.

Alongside that, Paschalis’s vision for UNSOC mainly consists of the idea of an organization with an everyday presence at the University, and of a team that gives all its members the opportunity to assist its activities. Having seen how actively the past year’s members have participated in UNSOC’s activities, he hopes that this excitement remains and spreads and that a young generation of MUN-obsessed students will get ready to “take the floor” and lead UNSOC to a future of even broader horizons.


Zoi Triantou

Contact: treasurer@unsoc-auth.org

Zoi Triantou is currently in her third year of studies at the Faculty of Law in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She discovered her passion for international affairs and diplomacy in high school and decided to pursue it even more through university as well. When she is not participating in an MUN or competition, she likes to dance, travel, and hang out with her friends.

This year she hopes things can be different so that everyone can experience their life at the fullest, and even more so all the MUNers can experience live conferences. Coming in contact with people from the entire globe gives you perspective and teaches you a lot about the world.

As the treasurer of UNSOC - AUTh she guarantees that joining our community will change your life in ways you never expected and challenges you to come with us to this journey and see it for yourself.

Director of Communications and Marketing

Loukia Salagianni

Contact: communications-director@unsoc-auth.org

Loukia is a third-year undergraduate Law student at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Having a Greek Canadian mother as well as the luck of experiencing life in a country other than her birthplace, she embraced the international element from an early age, and consequently, the International field is where she aspires to continue her studies after University.

She was drawn into the Model United Nations world through her participation in UNSOC – AUTh, which was the activity that kept her motivated during the past, rather peculiar, year. As the Director of Communications and Marketing her main goal is to promote the many–sided work of the Society, so as to get more students to discover how exciting it is to exchange ideas regarding international topics with young people from different backgrounds.

Loukia is hopeful for what lies ahead and invites you to join us!